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Little House of Dreams is a specialist in fondant cakes. Fondant is a thick sugar paste, generally used as a decorative topping for cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. Decorating with fondant is a great technique to produce gorgeous cakes and cupcakes.

The cake is always the highlight of any special occasion, and we have a dedicated pastry team who will craft you your dream cake. We have a team of talented and creative fondant artists who are able to execute any theme a customer may have. Our fondant cakes are ganached in premium chocolate and then professionally wrapped in fondant. We believe that a cake should not only look beautiful, it should also taste delicious. This is why our loyal customers come back year after year, celebration after celebration, as our fondant cakes always look and taste great.

All our fondant decor is handcrafted and customised for each customer. Our fondant cakes have a distinctly professional finish, and our specialty is in carousel fondant cakes, castle fondant cakes and floral fondant cakes. We also have an art collection, where fondant cakes are treated like canvases, and a variety of effects are applied on the fondant, such as airbrush, watercolour and graffiti.

Have a special occasion coming up and want a beautiful cake? We are confident we can make all your cake wishes come true!

Simply add your items from our shop on our website to cart and select your delivery day at checkout. Please note delivery requires 3 days advance notice. For more information on our Delivery and collection options, view our Delivery page.
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